Espanyol can save Sergio and Aguirre from the guillotine

He plays Espanyol. Without, apparently, nothing in contention. But also both Cádiz and Mallorca play with him. Or what is the same, Sergio Gonzalez and Javier Aguirretheir respective coaches, who have in common an undeniable blue and white pastespecially the one in L’Hospitalet. The result of the parakeets in Los Cármenesthis Sunday in the last day of the League, can define the future of its two former techniciansthat permanence is at stake.

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*Data updated as of May 19, 2022

With 37 points for Granada, and 36 for Mallorca and Cádiz, in that order, it is clear that a parakeet victory would pave the way for his two old friends. Who has it worse, because he does not depend on himself, he is a Sergio who coincided with the current interim coach of Espanyol, Luis Blanco. First, as players –one was already triumphing in the first team, while the other was in the subsidiary– and, later, on the bench, since Sergio’s time in the First Division coincided with Blanco’s return to the club as Lluís’s assistant Planagumà in the B.

owner of the Gate 87 of the RCDE Stadium for its quarry hallmark, the Fifth of the Intertotoa notorious quality and its crucial role in the Copa del Rey de Mestallain 2000, Sergio led Espanyol in 62 games officers. It was tenth with 49 points in the 2014-15 season, in which he returned the illusion with some cup semi-finalsagainst Athletic, and marched twelfth, with 17 points, when in December 2015 he was surprisingly dismissed. In it Cadiz he has had the opposite role, that of reaching a team with 15 points in 20 days, to add 21 points in the following 17.

Sergio González, after Sunday’s draw between Cádiz and Real Madrid.

Some more meetings 69, led the Blue and Whites with an Aguirre who arrived as emergency relief from Mauricio Pochettinoin the 2012-13 season, where he ended up saving the team comfortably with 44 points and a thirteenth place, which were no more for his decision to transfer the team if, once permanence was assured, he wanted to fight for Europe or let go. In his second exercise, he was fourteenth with 42 points.

If Blanco’s Espanyol draws or wins in Granada, they will match one of those Mexican recordsin addition to lending a hand to his ex-technicians in the event that they also fulfill their part of the task, win Osasuna-Mallorca and Alavés-Cádiz, respectively. If he loses, it will complicate things, especially for Sergio, and will end a season to forget away from home, with only eight points out of a possible 57. The script is to be written, this Sunday.