Espanyol blows up the machine

I am ashamed to say that we did well and did not win, but that is the reality“Admitted Vicente Moreno blushing. “I have told Juan Carlos that he will often go …”Confessed Adrián Embarba, the goalkeeper's former teammate. “We have tried every possible way, but the ball did not want to enter”, Adrià Pedrosa lamented. The truth is Espanyol lost to Girona (1-0), but it is also true that the statistics machine exploded. Offensive production was a record, this season and in a long time. A historical punishment.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

27 were the times that Espanyol finished in Montilivi, an outrage; ten took to the half hour of game. But they were not broadcast kicks, without criteria, but with all the intention in the world. Eight headed for the door, never seen before in Vicente Moreno's team, and seven encountered interventions -Something portentous- by Juan Carlos Martín, in what was most likely the best performance of his professional career. Others 12 they left outside, some skimming the goal, and two directly crashed into the stick.

Shots at Espanyol's goal

Match Shots on goal Outcome
Girona vs Espanyol 8 Defeat
Sabadell vs Espanyol 7 Victory
Espanyol vs Castellón 7 Victory
Espanyol vs Albacete 6 Victory
Espanyol vs Sporting de Gijón 6 Victory
UD Logroñés vs Espanyol 6 Victory
Espanyol vs Mirandés 5 Victory
Espanyol vs Real Zaragoza 5 Victory
Malaga vs Espanyol 5 Victory
Espanyol vs Alcorcón 5 Victory
FC Cartagena vs Espanyol 5 Victory
Espanyol vs Lugo 5 Victory
Espanyol vs Almeria 5 Victory
Espanyol vs Girona 4 Defeat
Tenerife vs Espanyol 4 Tie
Espanyol vs Ponferradina 3 Victory
Espanyol vs Mallorca 3 Tie
Fuenlabrada vs Espanyol 2 Tie
Real Oviedo vs Espanyol 2 Victory
Leganés vs Espanyol 1 Defeat
Las Palmas vs Espanyol 0 Defeat
Rayo Vallecano vs Espanyol 0 Defeat

They were crazy 40, the centers to the area that Espanyol tried, and another outrage, five, the big missed occasions, when the Blue and Whites' average is 1.41 per game, which is the same, 31 in the 22 days that have been played to date. The possession, 64.11 percent, It was not at all sterile in terms of the overwhelming offensive game displayed, but for the final result.

As for proper names, three shots on goal made by Raúl de Tomás, for two by Nico Melamed, three out threw a Javi Puado who became one of the best – if not the best – Espanyol footballer against Girona and four in total had in his boots Embarba, counting his stick. But also less prolific players in attack, such as David López or Keidi Bare, had their clear chance. A siege that was not even worth scoring, but that can mark the way.