Escassi, hanging around (and something else?) with several women in Vitoria: disloyal to María José Suárez?

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi He has been caught in a “committed” situation with two women. None of them is Maria Jose Suarez, his girlfriend for two years. The rider would have been hanging out with two women in Vitoria, where he traveled this week to promote the new season of Masterchef Celebritywhere he participates as a contestant.

“Escassi had a great time on Wednesday in Vitoria. We were partying celebrating the opening of the program and we were all in a festive atmosphere,” explained journalist Iván Reboso on Emma García’s program.

Regarding his alleged flirtations with a girl, he said: “There is caressing at the bar counter and they disappear together on several occasions.” But that’s not all because, according to the same journalist, Álvaro continued hanging out with another girl, a waitress at the bar: “He is in a very committed attitude with a waitress, a second woman. I talk to this waitress and ask her what is happening. And he tells me, ‘He’s purring at me.'”

María José Suárez and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi started dating two years ago. This portal was previewed. In recent months, wedding rumors have even surfaced: “Álvaro has asked me many times to get married, but we are fine like this,” Miss Spain confessed in April of this year. “More than asking for it, I try every day,” he said in June. “She doesn’t want to. What do I do if she doesn’t let me?” she joked.