Escalante puts Alavés ahead against Espanyol

In the 59th minute a free kick by Jason was finished off by Escalante in the mouth of the goal, once again putting the Babazorro team ahead against Espanyol with ’10’


Alavés players celebrate 1-0 against Espanyol

L. Rico / EFE

The Alavés does not throw in the towel and continues leaving the soul in pursuit of a victory, rushing their remote hopes of salvation. The break was reached with 1-1 in the light, but a few seconds after the restart, Espanyol was left with ’10’ because of the silly expulsion of Yangel Herrera.

Seeing themselves in superiority and harassed by their very delicate situation, Alavés finished sixth and took the cut in the 59th minute with a goal from Escalante, culminating the free kick by Jason, and returning the advantage to the locals.

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