Erik Martorell hangs a silver in the Milton Track Nations Cup


The Spanish cyclist Erik Martorell has won a silver medal in the Scratch event in the Track Nations Cup, which is being held in the Canadian town of Milton, on a day in which Tania Calvo and Laura Rodríguez have been eighth in Scratch and Elimination, respectively.

The long-distance runner from Barcelona, ​​fifth in the Omnium of the last World Cup, silver in the Elimination of the Nations Cup in Hong Kong and the Spanish record for Individual Pursuit, launched a powerful attack within the final 10 laps and took advantage of the doubts that reigned in the platoon.

Thus, he took a half turn alone without anyone proposing an answer from behind. The advantage gained has allowed him to stay ahead despite the final push caused by the peloton’s sprint and he has been able to win the silver medal, just behind the British Rhys Britton. The Italian Mattia Pinazzi completed the podium after winning the group round.

Martorell also participated in the Elimination, although he paid for the great effort of the Scratch and could only be twenty-first. The Catalan will not participate this Saturday in the Individual Pursuit and will focus his efforts on making a good Omnium on Sunday.

For her part, Tania Calvo was positioned among the best in Scratch and finished eighth in a test in which the world champion Martina Fidanza hung the gold. The Catalan Laura Rodríguez, for her part, completed a great Elimination and finished in eighth place, with the American Jennifer Valente achieving victory.