Enrique Solís, Tamara Falcó's ex, gets ripped for Vicky Martín Berrocal: his reaction after being caught

The heart of Vicky Martín Berrocal is occupied by Enrique Solís, although at the moment they are getting to know each other. The two have been photographed at night, sharing a table and tablecloth, in the heart of Madrid. And not just any day: the images correspond to last February 14, Valentine's Day. It is no longer a secret that the designer leaves happily hand in hand with her handsome gentleman, son of Carmen Tello. She does not deny the evidence: “There are the photos”he said this Tuesday.

Solís, Tamara Falcó's ex, has not commented on the matter but has opened his Instagram account to share a post from a gym room. “Discipline always replaces motivation,” he wrote this Wednesday in his stories. He strictly follows the advice and training methods of personal fitness trainer Nacho Muñoz. SolÃs is serious about being strong and toned at this special time in his life.

Mon Ten minutes, those close to both of them have been aware of their special relationship for a few weeks. Ana Rosa's talk show host was shocked when she saw the report: “What a joy to be caught having fun and being happy. I'm always working, for one day I go out and have a good time…”he said between laughs.

The ex of Manuel DÃaz 'El Cordobés' had her last known relationship with the Portuguese businessman João Viegas. They were together for three years and she even moved to live in the neighboring country. However, coexistence did not work out and they put an end to their courtship in 2022: “I lived in a golden cage and, although I liked the bird, I felt trapped. I need activity”, she then said. Enrique, for his part, had been with the influencer for four years Alejandra Domínguez, whom he met as a child and with whom he broke up in January. A breakup that the businessman, owner of a hotel chain, still has very recently.