Encarnita Polo's daughter, outraged, denies that her mother is ruined: “Bad behavior and manipulation”

At the stroke of a statement. This is how Raquel has denied the information that was published this Thursday and that suggested that the actress was, at 85 years old, completely ruined. Her daughter denies everything: “My mother, who is of a certain age and deserves respect, is well and happy, she lives with me and my family in our house”has said.

Very angry, she assured that the article in question was “loaded with bad temper, false truths and manipulation” and has clarified that they have looked for a foster home for the artist's cats because they did not get along with her dogs and coexistence between the animals was impossible. Finally, Raquel has asked for respect for her mother and has settled the issue by announcing that she will not make any further comments.

The news broke last Thursday and it claimed that Encarnita Polo I was going through a “dramatic” situation. According to The Spanish, The singer only has a pension of “900 euros” to live on, so she had been forced to “undersell” her jewelry box. They also stated that “she has health problems and has had to get rid of the two cats.” who kept him company during the last years”.