Emma García's heartbreaking testimony after suffering a scam: “They asked me if I made films for adults”

Emma Garcia He revealed this Saturday that his identity was impersonated on social networks last weekend. The presenter has admitted that she became aware of it because a colleague told her, but that she did not report it because the image was removed the next day.

“Last weekend my cameraman partner told me that they were using my image on a social network. I had no idea. This happens, but if you are not on that network you might not find out. That's when they told me,” he said. the one who was the driver of Women Men y Vice versa.

Likewise, the woman from Gipuzkoa has acknowledged that she did intend to file a complaint, but the photo was deleted the next day. “I have to say that I did not report it because they told me that they had already changed their image and had hired another person. They do it very well because when you find out they have already changed the image,” she said.

With the debate already on the table, the presenter of Telecinco's weekend magazine has confessed that she had already been a victim of this type of scam. “They even asked me if she had made porn films,” she revealed. Thus, the journalist has reported that they used her image for a website specialized in adult content.

Cristina Pedroche He also reported that his image was being used without his consent. “They are using my image without my consent and no matter how much I report them, they create another account within an hour. There should be a limit and a punishment for this type of thing,” said the Atresmedia presenter.