Emma García, from Fiesta for a very personal celebration

In his ID he puts Maria Emma Garcia Valdivieso and that a was born 8 of June 1973. This Thursday is his birthday. There is little to say about her talent and her charisma as a communicator, we can see it every weekend at Fiesta, but, nevertheless, about his personal life little is known. We celebrate their newly released and brand new 50 years reviewing the highlights of his discreet personal life.

Aitor Senar is her great love, Engineer by profession and Basque businessman who came into the life of the Mediaset presenter when they were both inexperienced teenagers, especially for life as a couple. This could be one of the reasons why, in the words of Emma herself, the relationship suffered several stops, especially in its beginnings. But 22 years ago everything gave a giro radical.

In 2000 Emma and Aitor decided to take a step forward and get married to settle their business, a moment that coincided with an important professional milestone for the Basque: her jump from the Basque Country to Telecincoat that time as presenter of the well-remembered magazine A tu lado.

As a newlywed couple, they had to take a quick and momentous decision: Aitor moved for her and her happiness to Madrid, the great capital where they have lived for more than two decades. And this is where she was born, 17 years ago, her first and only common daughter, Uxue.

With Aitor and Uxue he will be celebrating his 50th birthday and, who knows, maybe also with some of his fellow Fiestas or Raul Prieto. The latter is a great friend of Emma’s, especially for having been director of the communicator in Live lifehis previous television show.