Elsa Pataky responds to criticism for leaving everything for her husband: “Chris is very feminist”

The actress returns to Madrid to sponsor the launch of Skincare by Biotherm and in addition to showing off impressive skin (it was Garci who said that Elsa Pataky It seemed as if she had a light bulb in her mouth) she took the opportunity to tell what the entire journey of travel and promotion has been like that has taken her through the best red carpets of these weeks and that happy ending at the inauguration of her husband’s star Chris Hemsworth on Hollywood Boulevard.

And Elsa hasn’t stopped. She experienced her first Met Gala with all the celebrities of the moment. There were not only actors there, as is usually the case at the premieres we go to, but there were also singers, influencers and all kinds of personalities who made the Met a truly unique event. Pataky, in addition, has also had her moment in Cannes and her final touch in Hollywood.

Therefore, while Chris and the children returned to their Australian paradise, Elsa took another plane to her hometown and took her own media bath to confess how excited she felt after her husband’s words when he inaugurated his Hollywood star. “I want to thank my beautiful wife, who has been by my side throughout my career, encouraging and supporting me tirelessly. I don’t forget that she put aside her own dreams to support mine and I will always be indebted to her.“, pointed out during his speech the actor of The Avengers and of Furiosa: from the Mad Max saga.

That dedication deserved a response from Elsa, who is still happy and in love 14 years after sharing her life with the actor. “Obviously it made me extremely excited because I wasn’t expecting it.. Chris is very feminist and likes to make women feel good.. It is important for a man to recognize the work that women who are mothers and work do.. Everything we sacrifice and all the time we dedicate to our children and even what we leave so that they can continue. Being grateful is essential and it would be good if men said it many times. Women who work and are mothers are my super heroines. In my case, I have given up many things to do to support him in his career and follow him and that is why I was moved by what he said.. It was a very personal decision and I felt it, since I had the opportunity to spend more time with my children. I wanted to sacrifice part of my career that had already been going on for many years and if we had both continued with our professional projects our children would not have been with either of them. Chris was at the beginning of his career and for me it was a completely voluntary and personal option and of course free and delighted to have taken it because I do not regret at all“.

With these words, Elsa settled the critical voices that have accused her of taking a step back so that her husband can have that freedom of time and movement while she stayed with the children. She says it and repeats: it was a free and voluntary decision.

The actress also talks about her partner Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who is going through a health problem before undergoing a bone marrow transplant to deal with the leukemia he suffers from. Pataky was part, last Monday, of the zoom that kept 140 friends connected with the interpreter. From the hospital bed, the actor Afterclass He was able to greet them and have a very emotional meeting. “I fulfill my life… And I take you with me to the next,” she said.

It is in a delicate moment but it was a zoom wonderful to cheer you up and be together. I adore him because he is also a person with great talent and I am convinced that everything will turn out well because he is strong and has very positive energy.“, Elsa confessed. Although she will stay a few days in Madrid to join her family “and enjoy our gastronomy and the terraces”, she will soon return to Australia where her children are in the middle of the school year and they dream of returning to Spain and live the traditions of his maternal family. “They are passionate about eating grapes”.

Regarding his last work in Angry, where she has been able to work with her husband, she assures that for them it has been like having a date again and meeting again outside the family environment. “It has been an incredible experience that we can remember together,” she says. Of course, he confessed that when they announced to Chris that they were going to give him a star of fame, he was very surprised because he thought he already had it. “He had left his mark when the success of The Avengers and I thought it was the same. But he was delighted with this tribute and that is why he wanted us to go with our children to live that moment together.“.