Elle Fanning is inspired by a Cartier necklace worn by Grace Kelly and Carolina de Monaco at the Met Gala

at 25 years old Elle Fanning She has just been named Cartier ambassador and wanted to make it clear this Monday at the Met Gala 2023. She did so wearing a recreation of the brand’s necklace worn in 1956 by Grace Kelly.

Caroline of Monaco’s mother wore it in her last film before her marriage to Rainier and becoming a princess. It was a musical version of The Philadelphia Story, where she played the role of Katharine Hepburn y Frank Sinatra y Bing Crosby those of Cary Grant y James Stewartrespectively.

In one of the promotional portraits for the film, Grace Kelly wears a Cartier brand necklace, the house where her then fiancé ordered the engagement ring from the Grain de Café collection. An original idea from the star designer of the house at the time, Jeanne Toussaintinspired, as its name suggests, by coffee beans.

At the 2023 Met Gala, Elle, who is Catherine of Russia in the tv series The Great, and fits perfectly with the role of royal, that mythical Grace Kelly necklace has been resurrected. The younger sister of Dakota Fanning She has just been named ambassador of the Cartier house, precisely, of the Grain de Café collection. The jewel is one of Princess Carolina’s favorites, who has worn her mother’s yellow gold necklace many times.

Elle Fanning herself told us the story when she was climbing the steps of the Met Gala, in addition to revealing that she was dressed in Vivienne Westwood, and that her peculiar headdress, with this beautiful crown of daisies, was a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld. The actress met the German designer when she was 13 years old, that is, 12 years ago.

“My first show was the Chanel Fall/Winter 2011 couture show. Then Karl decided I would be in the book. The Little Black Jacket: A Chanel Classic Revisited (a coffee table book that pays homage to the house tweed jacket). She was in charge of photographing all the people that appeared in the book, as well as choosing the costumes. She supervised everything. In my case, from a very young age she decided to put a flower tiara on me. That’s why I wanted to find that detail today,” said the interpreter.