Elche will have to face the Petxina Events contract

The Elche will have to deal with the contract of Petxina Events. The Supreme Court has not admitted the appeal filed by the franchisee in which he requested his annulment. The judgment of the Provincial Court becomes final and the Valencian mercantile is waiting for the Court number 3 of Alicante to claim the real entity information on the amounts received for the transfers made during the last eight years, between November from 2011 and 2019.

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Basilio Lopez, administrator of Petxina Events, requested in January that the judicial authority will calculate the debt of Elche with its company in application of that agreement. On his part he presented a list of movements in the market to indicate the transfers in that period: Garry rodriguez (Paok, 250,000 euros), Cifu (Malaga, 200,000 euros), Gonzalo Villar (Valencia, 200,000 euros) and Jonathas (Real Sociedad, 7,200,000 euros). Already in Second Division, the operations occurred with Sergio Leon (Osasuna, 1,700,000 euros), in the 2016/17 campaign; Liberto Beltrán (Real Betis, 250,000 euros), in the 2017/18 season; Y Sory Kaba (Dijon, 4,000,000 euros), last year.

Total, Petxina estimates Elche CF revenues from transfers of 13.9 million, of which half claims. Now the ilicitano club must demonstrate how much that figure amounts to and if there is a possibility that an important part of that debt is considered ordinary credit for having occurred before the bankruptcy. By the time they occurred they would enter there those of Garry rodriguez, Gonzalo Villar (when he left for Valencia) and Jonathas.

Elche does not contemplate in that agreement the transfers by clause, as in the case of Sory, while the departures of Sergio León and Liberto, if the contest is reopened (it doesn't seem simple), would be credits against the mass and forced payment without removing or waiting.

Now Bragarnik you will have to face this situation and see how it is solved with the agreement to transfer the shares between Score Club 2019 Y Petxina Events. Grave You will have to assume a part of this responsibility, as can happen on Thursday, March 12 in the event the Luxembourg Court dismisses the appeal against the European Commission's public money recovery decision, which amounts to 4.1 million euros.