Elche unfolds the wings (2-0)



Pacheta's team is consolidated in the promotion promotion zone after beating Málaga with goals from Pere Milla and the debutant Escriche. The Ilicitano team does not accuse the casualties and hardly suffers to end the unbeatable run of its rival.

Elche players celebrate one of the goals against Malaga.

Elche is now an unpredictable team. The ilicitano group, sculpted in the image and likeness of its coach, ignores its limits and begins to realize that it is capable of almost everything. The same wins in the field of the leader with sufficiency that destroys the unbeatable streak of Malaga, which lasted for nine days, as if nothing.

The spectacular work raised by Pacheta He does not even accuse the absences of some of his most prominent soloists, such as Villar or Qasmi. The collective is above all and any piece that the technician removes from the top fits like a glove in the gear. The Burgos call for prudence and remember that there are eleven points left for permanence, but the reality is that this project looks great. If reinforcements add up, the Elche fans have reason to dream.

The mutation of the ilicitano team is evident in matches such as the one played against Málaga, in which he showed trade and cold blood to wait for his moment. The malacitano set started the duel as a shot. High pressure, depth and verticality were the commandments of the Pellicer team, that could get ahead on the scoreboard in the first quarter of an hour on a couple of occasions, the second aborted after a great stop of Badía.

At any other time during the course, Elche, pushed by his opponent, could have become nervous, but Pacheta's team, instead of trembling, searched for alternatives to get out of the trap. And he found them without giving up his style. The solution was to accept the challenge of the opponent and to move the ball quickly to take it to the bands.

Gradually Elche took off the sticky marks of the rival and began to reach the area of Munir. Notice Kid with a shot adjusted to the angle shortly before Pere Mile sign the first goal after a play from another category. The Catalan picked up the ball in the band and sent it to Nino, so that the captain would lean on the stampede by the side of Juan Cruz, who returned the ball to the area for Pere Milla to pass it with class to the network. The goalkeeper dismantled Málaga, which also lost due to injury to Juankar, which also led him to modify his way of playing.

Elche could sentence before the break with a new shot of Nino, taken by Munir, and a shot of Gonzalo Verdú to the crossbar. Despite Malaga's attempts to stretch lines after the break, Pacheta's team lived peacefully. Sealed the bands with Cruz and Gil, huge in their defensive work, Badía could live quietly waiting for his companions to take advantage of the spaces that left the rival to sentence.

We had to wait until minute 80 for Scrutiny, which had only been seven minutes on the field, closed the game with some suspense, since its goal was annulled in the first instance, although later the VAR rectified and gave it validity. Malaga finally gave up and Elche could enjoy a relaxed end to his fans. Pacheta's work does not stop growing or delighting.

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