Elche – Extremadura live

Min. 90The match has come to an end. As the teams leave for the locker room we say goodbye, encouraging you to stay connected to our page for the latest sports.

Min. 90The referee's whistle decrees the end of this period.

Min. 90There is a substitution: Manu replaces Pastrana (Extremadura).

Min. 90Expulsion! The referee has shown Rodriguez the red card.

Min. 85Change in Elche: López leaves and Josan takes his place.

Min. 82Yellow card for Gil Regano (Elche).

Min. 80Change in Extremadura: Rocha left and Óscar Pinchi replaced him.

Min. 77There is a substitution: Bri replaces Mfulu (Elche).

Min. 68The Extremadura bench moves with the substitution of Sergio Gil for Olabe.

Min. 64Change in Elche: Nino leaves and Escriche enters his place.

Min. 64Change in the ranks of Elche: Iván Sánchez replaces Milla.

Min. 52Goal, Bastos scores a goal for Extremadura !!!

Min. 49Yellow card for Olabe (Extremadura).

Min. 46There is a substitution: Medina replaces Jonathas (Elche).

Min. 46The referee marks the beginning of this period.

Min. 45The referee ends this period of the match.

Min. 41Yellow card for Fran Cruz (Extremadura).

Min. 22Goal! Jonathas (Elche) has managed to score!

Min. 01The referee signals the start of this period.