El Rayo is the second leader again 840 days later

The Ray is empowered. His first steps through 2020-21 could not be more accurate. Iraola's team has made it full of victories, against a recently released -Mallorca- and a recently promoted -Sabadell-, and revealing a series of qualities that bear the hallmark of the new coach. Those six points out of six have placed the Vallecano team leading Second 840 days later.

That last time dates from June 2, 2018. By then, Rayo had already tied the promotion a day before against Lugo and Second champion was crowned despite falling in Tarragona. A historical milestone, as he achieved his first men's professional soccer title. Throughout that course, Míchel's team was first in seven days: 31, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41 and 42. There was a final acceleration, although his principles were not bad either: four points out of six – he beat Oviedo and tied with Numancia.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Even though there is still a world ahead this Ray promises. Beyond the results, there are the sensations and they are good. The wardrobe has internalized Iraola's mechanisms and, game by game, new features are being seen. Back security, high pressure, verticality, importance of the game on the wings, large amount of play completions, bet on the quarry… All this seasoned by a dedication that led them to come back from their last game, without despairing despite two goals canceled and three balls to the crossbar.

We have improved with the ball compared to the premiere in Mallorca. We have had more patience, there maybe we were too vertical. In the end, we had that minimum of time, especially in the second part, to start on one side and finish on the other. We have had more resources perhaps“, analyzed Iraola after the last victory.”It is very positive to start with a good streak. It is difficult to achieve and now you have to continue“, Comesaña confessed. There is hope in Vallecas, but also caution. There is still a way and a way is made by walking …