El Rayo bled from set pieces

The set piece was the origin of all the ills of Rayo in his visit to Carlos Belmonte. Iraola's men conceded their two goals in strategy plays, more specifically in two quite similar corners. The first of them (1-0) was combed by Diamanka at the first post and Boyomo finished off, free of mark, in the second. A formula that Albacete repeated in 2-0, although this time the protagonists changed and it was Eddy Silvestre who hunted, with a volley, a good run from Zozulia with a head. So that Albacete ended with Dimitrievski's unbeaten record, who had left a clean sheet for 313 minutes.

Lightning Shield / Flag

The Vallecano team is already, therefore, one of the best fit as a result of a corner kick, something that also happens to Las Palmas, Malaga and Zaragoza. All of them have conceded two goals like this. However, it is not the only strategy play that the Franjirrojos are choking on this season. His other pending subject is direct fouls. No other set of Segunda has conceded two. One of them served for Sabadell to open the scoring – Juan Hernández's work – and the following day, it also happened with Sielva, from Ponferradina. So, who was under the stick was the young Morro.

“At the end we lost the game on set pieces, it was the only way they were creating danger for us. Details penalize you in Second. We were handling the defense very well on set pieces, but today we have paid especially those two second plays, in which they have been more alive than us. Those things give you or take away points, “argued Iraola, at the press conference after the defeat against La Mancha.