El Mirandés recovers defeating Elche

He Miranda returned Tuesday to the path of victory, super al Elche (1-0) and kept alive the dream of being in promotion promotion positions.

A goal of frames
Andrew at the beginning of the second half it was enough for the locals to add the three points, although they had opportunities to sign a broader victory.

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He Elche The game began with more desire to send than Mirandés and when just a minute had passed, he starred in a clear approach to the goal defended by Lizoain.

The team that Pacheta trains took advantage of the game on the wings to try to surprise Andoni Iraola's men.

He had no luck and the first clear chance of the game was played by Mirandés, with a hand-to-hand by Álvaro Rey that ended in the hands of the visiting goalkeeper. That occasion made the red team come alive and share the prominence of the ball with Elche.

Neither team was dominating in the first half, although the Miranda had serious difficulties in stopping the fast attack of the Elche.

After passing through the locker room, Mirandés came out better on the field of play and took command of the game. Kijera gave two warnings before a corner kick led to the play of the goal that put the locals ahead. Marcos André scored with a shot to the far post. Pacheta moved the bench and that gave fresh air to Elche, who sought the goal of the equalizer.

The captain of the Miranda, Gorka Kijera was injured and Álvaro Rey also left with discomfort, increasing the problems that the red team has in the infirmary.

Mirandés could score the 2-0, but Íñigo Vicente and Merquelanz did not understand each other, despite the great play of both, which did not end inside the goal for offside.

The match was very long for Elche, who barely had clear opportunities against Lizoain's goal, while Íñigo Vicente created many problems for the team from Elche.

The corner kicks were the Mirandés vein, which was about to score several times in those actions.

Iraola's team came more fully to the final stretch of the match and that translated into clear occasions for the rojillos.

Elche tried until the end, but arrived molten and could not score the goal that equalized the match.

1 – Mirandes: Lizoain, Carlos Julio, Sergio, Sagnan, Kijera (Franquesa min 68), Malsa, Antonio Sánchez (Joaquín min 89), Álvaro Rey (Íñigo Vicente min 63), Álvaro Peña (Crisetig min 63), Merquelanz y Marcos André (Matheus min 89).

0 – Elche: Miguel San Román, Tekio, Verdú (Diego Bri min 83), Daniel Calvo, Josema, Manuel Sánchez, Víctor Rodríguez (Escriche min 57), Josan (Nino min 57), Pere Milla (Iván Sánchez min 71), Fidel and Jonathas (Folch min 57).

Goal: 1-0, M.53: Marcos André.

Referee: Varón Aceitón (Balearic committee). He admonished Crisetig (min 90) for the local team and Josean (min 52) and Manuel Sánchez (min 77) for the visitor.

Incidents: Match corresponding to day 39 of Laliga Smartbank played behind closed doors.