El Fuenla, to the CSD: “They are false accusations of enormous gravity”

Minutes after the Higher Sports Council issued a statement accusing Fuenlabrada of having made “a serious mistake” traveling to A Coruña and of having “put the health of its players, public health and competition as a whole at risk” , the Madrid club issued a note in which it responded to such accusations. “We want to convey the enormous surprise that the CSD has not contacted CF Fuenlabrada to request any information prior to officially speaking on extremely serious false accusations “, the club begins its statement. And he breaks down the argument of his defense into six points:

Fuenlabrada Shield / Flag

one) Information about the positives has been communicated to the health authorities at all times. The laboratories in charge of carrying out the tests share the results with the health authorities of the corresponding Autonomous Community (in this case, the Community of Madrid), as they are responsible according to current regulations (there is no other possible procedure).

2) Apart from the fact that the competence to communicate outbreaks corresponds to the health authorities, which have been notified through the laboratory, There was no outbreak for notification purposes before Monday afternoon. For the protection of the privacy of the four positive cases, the specific functions of each affected person cannot be disclosed, but between them they had not had contact or were related to each other, so it could not be considered an outbreak.

3) All those displaced to A Coruña traveled from Madrid with two PCRs and a negative rapid test. And we are surprised that an institution like the CSD comes to question such tests, which we put at your disposal.

4) The CF Fuenlabrada does not breach the protocol at any time since the CSD protocol establishes that the positives must be “isolated” and the negatives “separated” from them, and this is what the Club does at all times. So, The CF Fuenlabrada never jeopardizes the health of the players, public health and the competition as a whole.

5) We make ourselves available to organizations with all the relevant documentation to demonstrate that we always work according to the protocol established by the competent authority, in this case, the CSD.

6) All these actions have been carried out with continuous and transparent communication under the indications of LaLiga, body on which the CF Fuenlabrada depends and in compliance with the regulations.