El Di Stéfano, fetish land

A new saying has been born: 'Match at Di Stéfano, sure local victory'. This is supported by the numbers. On June 14, 2020 he played his first game on Real Madrid in the fiefdom of the subsidiary. The works of the Bernabéu moved the soldiers of Zizou to a new home, to his sports city. And the result there has been unbeatable. But it has also been for the Spanish National Team. Local team that plays, local team that smiles.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Till the date nine visitors They have stepped on that lawn with the intention of getting some point, all of them falling in the attempt. Against Madrid they have played Eibar (3-1), Valencia (3-0), Majorca (2-0), Getafe (1-0), Alaves (2-0), Villarreal (2-1) and Valladolid (1-0). The dynamics of the whites is clear: to play there is to win. And from that rhythm the Spanish selection. Last Saturday the absolute played the third day of the group stage of the League of Nations on the Di Stéfano table.

The result was in accordance with the legend: home win. A lonely so much Oyarzabal it was worth its weight in gold to knock down a leathery Switzerland (1-0) and keep Luis Enrique's men as leaders of group 4. Di Stéfano, since that June 14, has seen 19 local goals and only two visitors. The average scores 2.37 goals for the home team and 0.25 for the foreign team per game. It is not the first time The Red stepped on that lawn, he also did it to thrash Ukraine (4-0) in the second day of the League of Nations. They were local so they won. As tradition marks.