Eight weeks after tearing his Achilles, Aaron Rodgers can walk without a limp.

Eight weeks after tearing his Achilles, Aaron Rodgers can walk without a limp.

It’s been eight weeks since Aaron Rodgers had surgery to fix his torn Achilles. Seeing him walk on Monday, though, would make you think otherwise. So far, his quick healing is shown by how easily he walks now.

The Jets quarterback hurt himself in Week 1, but he is determined to play again this season so that he can help New York make it to the playoffs for a long time.

With a little limp, Rodgers has been within the team since he was allowed to play after surgery. He has been seen tossing passes on the field.

But Rodgers didn’t have the limp when he walked into MetLife Stadium on Monday before the Jets’ “Monday Night Football” game towards the Los Angeles Chargers.

You could see the four-time MVP throwing further warmup passes before the game started. He didn’t use his golf cart for the trip to the locker room.

Over the course of his recovery, Rodgers has remained focused and committed to getting stronger.

Just a few months after getting hurt, he had become able to walk without crutches, which shows how far he has come.

Rodgers has said that he still has a “long way to go” in his recovery, but the fact that he has made such great progress so far is definitely promising. This shows how hard he works and what great medical care his heart has been getting.

The New York Jets are getting ready for their Monday night football game against the Chargers of LA.

Seeing their star quarterback against all chances and getting closer to returning must be good for team morale.

We don’t know when Rodgers will officially return, but his quick recovery shows how tough he is and will definitely help the Jets as they try to win.

Aaron Rodgers has been through an amazing recovery process that has made him an inspiration to players and fans all over the world. Only time will determine when he will be able to play again.

Aaron Rodgers was going without crutches on the playing surface at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, 32 days shortly after surgery on his Achilles. He was throwing the ball, which amazed his fans as well as his coach, Robert Saleh.

“He has a job to do. Saleh told Peter King of Pro Football Talk, “I don’t think he’ll fail at anything.” “I’ve heard he’s doing great in rehab, as he really wants to come back this year.”

Saleh said that the 39-year-old quarterback isn’t letting his injury keep him from being close to his friends.

Now that the Jets are 3-3, they want to turn around a season that started when Rodgers got hurt in Week 1 against the Bills of Buffalo.

It looked like Rodgers’ appearance was the Jets’ lucky charm, because even though they were missing cornerbacks James Gardner and D.J. Reed and Rodgers himself, the New York team upset the previously unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles.

Leonard Floyd, a safety for the Bills, fired Rodgers. Staff members helped the playmaker leave the field. He later got an MRI, that showed that his Achilles was torn.

Aaron Rodgers walked without crutches and threw passing balls before the Jets beat the Eagles in Week 6.

Marty Jaramillo, an injury expert at CBS Sports HQ, says it was the strongest sign yet who the quarterback is healing from an Achilles tear at a speed that has never been seen before. He thinks Rodgers has “absolutely” on track for a comeback this season.

Jaramillo told CBSSports.com on Monday, “He’s moving almost triple as fast as normal.” “No boot, no crutches, and only a little limp.”

It grows very quickly. This kind of healing from an Achilles tear has never been seen before. “He is fighting against Time.”

Jaramillo also has doubts, but he’s “happy to be wrong,” because Rodgers’ present rehab suggests that he will be: “By Month 4 or even 3 that this pace—or shall that we say at a Rodgers pace—he would have been at an equivalent level of Month nine or 10 of traditional healing.”