Eibar will return the part of the subscription corresponding to the matches behind closed doors

The Eibar It has released a statement in which, in addition to showing its closeness to its subscribers, it explains a series of measures that it will adopt as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

“First of all, given the general interest of the matter, we want to inform you of the measures that we have adopted in the Board of Directors in relation to the return of the part of the subscription that you have not been able to enjoy due to the dispute of games behind closed doors . So, d
We will evolve the proportional part to the games not enjoyed in the 19/20 season, including the Eibar-Real Sociedad that we played in closed doors in March. For those subscribers with an annual payment, the amount of 6 games will be returned, while for those who have paid their subscription in installments on a quarterly basis, the amount equivalent to 2 games will be returned. Also, those subscribers who are unemployed, may request the refund of the full fee (except those already disputed open door from January to March).

In the statement he details the two way compensation that you have adopted. The first would be “Donation to SD Eibar Fundazioa, which will serve to finance part of the social projects carried out. The donation can be made from June 15 to 29, and subscribers who take advantage of this measure will receive a voucher to redeem at Orsaixan, the Club's official store, or on eibarstore.com (€ 10 voucher for those with lower donations. at € 75, and a voucher of € 20 in the case of donations over € 75) ”.

And the second “automatic return on account to all those subscribers who have not made a donation to SD Eibar in the first phase (from June 30) ”.

Later, in its statement, the club explains the actions he has been taking during these weeks without football: “The club has continued to work as normally as possible, depending on the different phases, in order to guarantee the best operation and efficiency during and after confinement.

The Board of Directors has continued to hold regular and extraordinary regular meetings via the internet and the workers of all our departments have worked from home without losing the pulse of the day-to-day life of the club.

Given the evident and notable economic impact that the pandemic has had on the club, we reached an agreement with the first-team squad thanks to which we were able to preserve the rest of the jobs without having to resort to other measures such as an ERTE, which we wanted to avoid at all times to avoid having to subtract resources from public coffers.

In this period of time, we have considered it especially relevant to contribute our grain of sand in favor of the community through SD Eibar Fundazioa and the Customer Service Office, which, among others, has developed the following initiatives aimed at helping and also doing confinement more bearable:

Donation of protection material (masks, divers, etc.) to nursing homes in Eibar and Ermua.

Agreement with the Red Cross to provide tablets and internet connections to Eibar families with few economic resources so that their sons and daughters can follow classes online.

Contribution of first team jerseys for Eibar seamstresses to make masks with our colors.

Calls from the Club to our most veteran subscribers to care about their health and express our love and support.

Congratulations calls from our players to the boys and girls who have completed years of confinement.

Calls to former Eibar players from all eras to remind them that we remember them in difficult times ”.

Lastly, “I want to share with you the great joy that the promotion of our women's team to the Iberdrola League has brought us, a major achievement that marks a milestone in the history of the Club and the city by telling – and we are sure that it will be so. – with two teams in the highest soccer category ”.

The statement ends with a wink to his fans, noting that “there is little left for the League to return in a different format that we do not like but that is the only one possible, given the circumstances. We are going to miss you so much in Ipurua and we want to get back together as soon as possible to all cheer on our team. Our players will miss your encouragement in the eleven days that remain and which must serve to confirm the permanence. Among all, also with your help, even if it is from home, we will achieve it.

Soccer without the fans is not the same. We need you and you are the main asset of the club. For this reason, we look forward to the moment when Ipurua and all of Eibar will once again dye their blaugrana and vibrate with our team. Aupa Eibar! Gora Eibar! ”