Edwin Arrieta’s father, disconsolate, speaks for the first time: “Let them bring me even a little piece of my son”

The environment of Edwin Arrieta he is heartbroken If a couple of days ago she was his sister Darling who asked for justice for him and that the full weight of the law fall on Daniel Sanchois now the father of the Colombian surgeon who has spoken for the first time.

”I am badly bad, they have taken my life. He was the one who supported me. My son was very noble, everyone loved him ”, he said through tears Leobaldo Arrieta before the cameras of This is life.

Edwin’s father explained that they began to suspect that something had happened to his son when he did not answer WhatsApp messages. “He always communicates by WhatsApp, you could see that they were coming to him and he did not answer me,” he assured.

In addition, he has stated that he wants all the procedures for the reappearance of his son’s body from Thailand to Colombia to be fulfilled in order to bury him. “That they bring it to me here, even if it is a little piece of my son… Let justice be done,” he concluded.

The son of Rodolfo Sancho entered the Koh Samui prison on Monday after confessing to the Thai police about the murder and dismemberment of Edwin. According to his version, he did it after the Colombian allegedly threatened to publish sexual images of both of them to cause a media scandal in Spain and sink his family.

The police accuse him of premeditated murder and claims to have “sufficient evidence” incriminating. Likewise, Edwin’s family attorney, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Sanchezhas stated on Telecinco that there is a lot of information under summary secrecy: “We have more information, quite strong and quite solid, that is not known and that points to his guilt.”