Edwin Arrieta's family, outraged after the press conference of Daniel Sancho's lawyers: “It is intolerable”

The parents and sister of the Colombian surgeon murdered in Thailand are very upset. The press conference offered this Friday by the Spanish defense of Daniel Sancho claiming that Thai police tricked him into confessing, among other scandalous irregularities, has left the Arrieta ojiplasticos: “It is a shame, trying to justify a murder with an alleged attack is completely intolerable.”

He Balfagón-Chippirrás office and the office of Marcos García Montes They emphasize that it was an involuntary homicide and not a premeditated murder and also clarify that the struggle between Arrieta and Sancho was not properly a fight, but that the chef acted in self-defense after an alleged attack by the Colombian. They claim that police tricked Daniel into confessing to the crime by promising extradition to Spain within 48 hours and that he signed written statements in Thai, a language he did not understand. What's more, they claim that the police even forged Daniel's signature.

The Arrietas' Spanish lawyer, Beatriz Uriarte, has taken the floor in TardeAR: “Sancho's defense is doing their job, which is to find the strategy that best suits their client, but they don't stop lurching”. And he adds: “It could respond to an intention to elevate the case to higher authorities, beyond Thailand.” He assures that Edwin's family is very surprised by this new development and that they are asking for justice through the Thai Prosecutor's Office: “It will seem fair to them and they will be satisfied with what the Prosecutor's Office requests and what the judge determines. If it is a sentence of death, life imprisonment or extradition to Spain”.