Edwin Arrieta defended himself with bites before dying and left Daniel Sancho with a wound on his arm

In case of daniel sancho continues to tour the entire world. It’s been 26 days since the son of Rodolfo Sancho confessed to the Thai police that he had murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. Now, we know that the fight that the chef had with the doctor was much more tense than what had been told. The victim defended himself by biting. This is how the police told it before the Antena 3 cameras.

“The police told us this morning that the fight between Sancho and Edwin was fierce and much longer than we thought. They tell us that several punches were given and that Arrieta defended himself by biting Sancho’s arm, leaving a very visible wound,” The reporter has explained in the aforementioned chain.

For their part, the Thai authorities maintain that Daniel acted conscientiously: “The autopsy will not tell us if there was a stab wound because the torso has not been found, we only have a torn shirt without a drop of blood. The police say that anyway this is irrelevant, but for them there is no doubt that it was a premeditated crime,” they have assured.

from the program Fiestathe coroner borja moreno He has assured: “I believe that it was a state of apparent death, that he was in a state of unconsciousness and that the throat was cut thinking that he was dead. The reason for the unconsciousness? I have my personal theory, it could be due to toxic or a blow that shocks you”.