Echevarría, after the Feroz scandal, explodes against “the slimy ones on duty”: “We have had to swallow a lot”

Following the alleged sexual assault on Go in the Feroz and the accusations in the same line of Bob PopMany well-known faces from cinema and show business have given their opinion on the matter. One of the last Paula Echevarriawho has lamented the situation and has been forceful against “the slimy ones on duty”.

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“I felt reflected with Bob Pop. I was so happy that there is a stop to the slimy on duty… A thousand times in my life I have wanted to go to the bathroom in a disco and I have avoided it because of what it meant to cross the crowd, so I smelled , if they are going to put a stop to the slimy ones on duty, olé,” said the actress this Wednesday at a promotional event held in Madrid.

the protagonist of Velvetwho unfortunately has experienced uncomfortable situations, added: “Many times you avoid confronting yourself or you keep quiet to avoid that, if you are with your partner, a very fat girl gets involved. We have had to swallow a lot in this sense, be subject to the situation and No, no more”.

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Javier Perez Santanaproducer of my emptiness and I, was accused of sexual assault at the Feroz Awards, held last Saturday, January 28 in Zaragoza. In the early hours of this Sunday he was arrested by the Local Police, later being released with charges. There is a second individual denounced by a man, but none of the identities of the latter have come to light.