Eastbourne and Queen’s freeze Russian tennis players’ points with Wimbledon on hold

The tennis players from Russia and Belarus will not suffer repercussions in the ranking despite not being able to compete in the tournaments of the British tour on grass due to the veto of the United Kingdom to athletes from these countries due to the war in Ukraine.

This Monday the Eastbourne and Queen’s tournaments, the two major events prior to Wimbledon in the United Kingdom, have announced that they will freeze the points of Russian and Belarusian tennis players in the ATP ranking given the impossibility of their being able to compete in both competitions.

Wimbledon remains silent

Wimbledon, the big event of the season on grass, is still undecided on whether or not it will freeze the points of the Russian and Belarusian tennis players. From the All England Club, organizer of the tournament, no clues have been given about what decision they will take, although everything indicates that it will follow the path adopted by Eastbourne and Queen’s when it comes to freezing the points.

The only thing that is known is that this Monday Wimbledon has closed its list of registered tennis players for the tournament, although they say they will not reveal it until June 3, waiting for changes in the situation of the Ukraine war.

More uncertain seems the situation in the women’s tournaments of Nottingham, Birmingham and Eastbourne as a result of the ban on tennis players from Russia and Ukraine, since the WTA has not yet ruled on the possible measures it can take.