Dulceida opens up about her pregnancy: her symptoms and her wishes about the sex of the baby

sweetness continues at the top of the canyon, fulfilling all her professional commitments just two weeks after announcing on her social networks that she is pregnant and that in six months she will become the mother of her first child with White Paul. This Thursday he spoke about his future motherhood at the presentation of Manuel Turizo and Saiko’s menu for McDonald’s.

The Catalan, which already shows off her budding belly, count the days until this Sunday arrives, when will celebrate her baby’s gender reveal party and will share with her followers if she is expecting a boy or a girl. This was confirmed to the media upon arrival at the event.

As she told us, she is having a great pregnancy: “I wet myself every five minutes, I went to the bathroom as soon as I entered, but I’m very well, I’m having few symptoms“I’m having a very good pregnancy at the moment.” “I’m very happy and very content,” she admits.

As for whether she would like to have a boy or a girl, Dulceida confesses that she wants a “girl,” Although fulfilling the clichés of all future mothers, she assures that “whatever happens” she will be “happy” because the only thing that matters to her is that everything goes well and her baby is healthy. “On Sunday we will know and I am very nervous. There is a person who knows and I want to ask him all the time. But no, I want it to be that surprise day,” she admitted.

And if she is full, Alba is not far behind, as the ‘queen of Instagram’ revealed with a big smile.: “She is very excited, although sometimes she believes it a little less. Sometimes she tells me ‘you’re pregnant, it’s very strong.’ “We were both really looking forward to it, when you want something so much it makes you very happy,” she said.