Dozens of Third RFEF clubs judicially challenge their possible descent from category


Dozens of clubs from various groups of the Third RFEF have judicially challenged, through ProLiga, their possible demotion, understanding that the Competition Bases are contrary to the General Regulations of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

As reported this Thursday by ProLiga, these clubs consider themselves “harmed by the reduction of the groups to 16 teams”, something that is “contrary to the provisions of article 195 of the General Regulations”, and that this action that they have decided to carry out would allow, “Through precautionary measures”, that the groups of the category in 2022-2023 “will be configured in an ordinary way in 20, or even, supernumerary, in 21 or 22 teams”, as provided for in the aforementioned regulations.

“If the interested precautionary measure is estimated, it would avoid the numerous decreases produced in the current season, some of them due to the drag of higher category teams from the same Autonomous Community,” added the association.

ProLiga recalled that in its day it had already appealed this fact before the Higher Sports Council (CSD), but that now it is the clubs themselves that go to the Central Administrative Litigation Court to challenge the dismissal ‘by silence’ of that first appeal imposed . According to the association chaired by David Jiménez, it is estimated that the resolution of this challenge would be made public within a month.