Donald Trump, sentenced to pay compensation of 5 million dollars for sexual abuse

The former president of the United States has been sentenced this Tuesday for sexually abusing the writer Jean Carroll, which must be compensated with five million dollars. The New York jury studying his case reached a verdict in record time (less than three hours), although it ruled out rape by Donald Trump (76).

The journalist Jean Carroll (79) accused the tycoon of having raped her in the changing room of a New York department store in 1996, and also of defaming her when she made her complaint public in a book in 2019. The complainant has been present throughout the process and has attended all the sessions of the trial, which has lasted two weeks, in which the accusations of two other women against Donald Trump for the same crime have also been taken into account.

The businessman has not attended any of the sessions and has not even presented a defense, since he trusted that the members of the jury would be on his side considering that Carroll had not been able to prove persuasive behavior on his part. From his Truth Social platform, he assured that the writer’s story was “a scam, a hoax and a lie.”

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Trump has been found guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced to pay compensation of five million euros to the victim in compensatory and punitive damages.