Doña Sofía's emotion with the former head of security of the Royal Family, sick with ALS

The Queen Sofia He has his own agenda with the foundation that bears his name. On this occasion he attached a personal link to the event he presided over. The former head of security at the House, Manuel Barrós, who suffered from ALS, has named the research project to fight this disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. With much love and affection, Mrs. Sofía received Barrós at the Auditorium of the CIEN Foundation, in Madrid, where the presentation took place this Thursday the 14th in the morning.

Pending Manuel Barrós, the queen emeritus has lent him her arm to help him walk. The 69-year-old soldier gives name to the research project on this degenerative disease that affects the neurons and the spinal cord, which is funded by the Reina Sofía Foundation. Barrós (Tomiño, Pontevedra, 1954) went into reserve in 2015 after 42 years of active service in the Army and in the Security service of the King's House.

The wife of Juan Carlos I He has shown his most supportive, close and affectionate side. Oblivious to the social and media noise caused by the hurricane Barbara Rey Due to her past relationship with the emeritus, Doña Sofía has focused on her work, with a firm and committed outlook.

In a week, his eldest daughter, Elena, turns 60 years old. The infanta, excited, is preparing a family event for December 20 in which the presence of Don Juan Carlos is expected. It will be the seventh visit to Spain for the emeritus since his expatriation to Abu Dhabi in August 2020.