Doña Letizia, iPhone in hand, with an ethereal white dress in an act against smoking

Crucial appointment in the field of health of the Queen’s agenda. Lady Letizia has chaired the 9th European Conference Tobacco or Health (ECToH) in Madrid. An act in which he has delivered a speech in English on “the tobacco epidemic.” For this meeting, which took place at IFEMA this Wednesday, April 26, the Queen has chosen a light, very light and ethereal white dress with blue slingbacks. The same corporate color combination of the event, promoted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Association of European Cancer Leagues.

Letizia has taken the stage with a firm step and with her iPhone in hand. She then has taken the floor. In English, she began her speech by thanking “the Association of European Cancer Leagues for choosing Spain, the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Spanish Committee for the Prevention of Smoking.” Smoking “is the first public health problem,” the Queen began. “Smoking is not a habit, it is a disease and we must help people who suffer from it”, she continued.

On this occasion, Letizia has joined the white and blue colors of the event and has worn a top lady dress (which she likes so much), with a crew neck and large puffed sleeves gathered into cuffs. The surprise, the skirt, with two openings on the legs that favored a much lighter and more ethereal effect to the fabric.