Doña Letizia chooses Marca España and the discreet but elegant style of Juan Vidal in this 12-O

This is the look. October 12, the day of the National Holiday, is your big style moment of the entire year. Este and Oviedo, where the Princess of Asturias Awards are held, next Friday the 20th.

October, this year, arrives differently. All eyes point to her eldest daughter, Leonor, who has returned to the Hispanidad parade after two years of absence due to her studies at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. This Thursday the 12th, the heiress is the absolute protagonist. For the first time, she attends in the Army’s dress uniform. Leonor will give us the images that will mark this 2023 when she comes of age.

Doña Letizia’s dressing room is measured, studied, elevated and adapted to all these long-awaited appointments. Her trend for the National Holiday was always Felipe Varela yes or yes. Classic line. The script was what it was and it didn’t go away from there. Until these last few years. In 2021, we saw María Barragán’s minimal ice blue; and in 2022, that green tia dress with a fake mini-capelina from Vogana. Fashion is for taking risks, for daring. And that is what we have seen this Thursday, October 12.

The Queen has opted for the romantic. For flowers, simplicity and nature. Neither Spanish red nor powdery pink nor the cold ice blue. Letizia has chosen a cobalt blue midi dress with a shirt collar from the Spanish brand Juan Vidal.

HM the Queen, faithful defender of the Spain brand, wore a blue printed shirt dress. It is a long-sleeved design, cut at a high waist, with gathers on the chest and a V-neckline with a tuxedo collar. The skirt with asymmetrical godets, which give flight and movement to the lower part of the dress. In addition, it has a front opening decorated with buttons covered in the same fabric. A design that follows her personal style and with which she has not left anyone indifferent at the military parade.

The eponymous brand began presenting its first collections on local catwalks in 2009. It was in 2013, after receiving the famous Who’s on Next award, awarded by Vogue together with Inditex, when it began to present its collections on the Mercedes Benz Fashion catwalk in Madrid. Week, being awarded the L’Oreal awards for Best Collection on two consecutive occasions.

Since then, Juan Vidal began to grow nationally and internationally, becoming present in recognized multi-brand spaces of reference in the sector such as Spiga2, Luisa Via Roma or Inter’S. In addition to dressing artists and celebrities of the stature of Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Rosalia or Doña Letizia, all through a casual and seductive way of enjoying fashion. Collections in which identity, femininity and beauty are the starting point of an ageless woman.

Juan Vidal, as the company itself describes, is a firm that is committed to radical, rebellious and brave optimism in times of uncertainty. It links clothing with an attractive and rising emotional state, fun, the transformative capacity that garments have to encourage users to feel and share.

Desire, sophistication, love, but above all desire.

Irrational feelings as inspiration. Emotional states that move our actions and our creativity such as passion, desire, madness, love, beauty… Juan Vidal invites us to enjoy clothes in a more casual and seductive way. Communicating that a dress can change your life is a powerful message.

Self-esteem and confidence are conveyed through collections that, far from trends and norms, seek to create a project that serves as a creative vehicle for different artistic disciplines. Identity, femininity and beauty as a starting point for a woman without age, or above the concept of age, with a certain hedonistic and sophisticated character who understands clothing as a form of expression.

In the contemporary environment, seduction is conveyed through direct messages, such as a dress. Juan Vidal was born to share a feeling, to provoke a desire. A discreet option also designed not to divert the focus from her daughter Leonor.