Don Juan Carlos, “satisfied” after Bárbara Rey’s latest scandal: “Angel Cristo Jr.’s is also his version”

This time it was not the former star who brought it to the front page of the news but it doesn’t matter. TO Don Juan Carloswho is trying to live out his retirement without making too much noise in the hope of returning to Spain, has not been pleased to hear about the blackmail of Barbara Reyof their affair and even of their images in the bedroom: “He’s fed up with this lady,” they say.

And despite the carefree life that the emeritus enjoys (regattas in Sanxenxo, good restaurants in London, parties with his grandson in Abu Dhabi…), he does not lose track of everything that happens in Spain, within and outside Congress. “He doesn’t like to talk about this matter at all, but “He is satisfied that at least the version that for him is the truth is given, which is that of Ángel Cristo Junior, because he has always felt like a victim of Bárbara Rey.”have revealed in TardeAR.

And the portrait he has painted Angel Cristo Jr. Regarding his mother, she is quite far from that empowered woman dedicated to her children that we knew until now: the son speaks of pathological dependence, gambling addiction, tyranny, blackmail, negligence… This is precisely how Juan Carlos remembers her: “He feels blackmailed and like a victim of Barbara.”

Juan Carlos returns to Spain in December

Despite Bárbara Rey’s latest scandal, the emeritus wants to return to Spain next December 20th. According to Holaintends to celebrate the 60th birthday of Infanta Elena next to her, although the details of this new visit are unknown. The father of King Felipe VI would like, by the way, to enjoy Christmas in his country: “He left with that hope. Maybe, after two years, his wish will come true the third time,” they said in Sanxenxo.