Does the market “push” Luis Suárez to Atlético?

Atlético de Madrid
sees almost impossible to sign Luis Suarez, forward of FC Barcelona. But if there is a remote option to do so, it is precisely due to the fact that the stars aligned. And it seems they have. At least in a preliminary step. Does this mean that Luis Suarez I'm going to end up in the Athletic? Not at the moment, but it is a necessary step to think about an outcome of such magnitude.

And when we say that the stars align, we are talking about the fact that in Italy there have been two market movements this Thursday that leave the Uruguayan without many options.

The charrúa of FC Barcelona, which is the favorite of the mattress fans to reinforce the attacking point, was Juventus' first option for the next season, but the matter has taken an unexpected turn.

Arkadiusz Milik, forward of Naples, has finally given 'OK' to Roma, according to 'La Gazetta dello Sport', Which was a' sine qua non 'condition for the Juventus close the alternative that was open to Suarez. The Italian champion had closed to Edin dzeko, but the Rome I needed a substitute.

Having it already approved, the way of Luis Suarez It would have been very uphill, curiously, on the day the Uruguayan traveled to Italy to take the citizenship test and obtain the Italian passport he needed to be able to sign for the Juventus. That means that, at this moment, the South American has only two starts on the table. One would be to continue in the FC Barcelona, which has already communicated that it does not have it. The other, the Athletic, a team in which the Uruguayan would welcome landfall.

Recall that the footballer's environment asked the mattress club if he could take charge of his signing but the Athletic told him that he had little room for maneuver. That hypothetical signing depended on three keys. That he arrived free, the second that the salary that in Barcelona exceeded 20 million euros and finally, that the Athletic I managed to place Diego Costa in some destination. Only when three o'clock is fulfilled, it would be possible to think of a positive resolution of this matter for the colchoneros.

However, each day that passes gives the feeling that the Uruguayan does not disdain to press to stay in Barcelona. Your technician, Ronald Koeman, who told him that he did not have him, he already recognized recently, after the game against him Girona, that “if he stays, he will be treated as one more player in the squad” who will have to compete for a position. It would certainly be a surprising outcome of the situation.