Does Iker Casillas have his mind hacked?

It is already becoming a habit: Iker Casillas He messed it up again with a tweet. Again alluding to terms related to masculinity, the footballer posted the phrase: “I can’t wait to shoot myself seven times in the testicles.” And he has stayed so wide.

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Although a phrase of this depth could well be the result of a hack, Casillas’s background indicates that what could have been hacked is his mind: either he is poorly advised, or he has decided to attract attention at all costs. An increased number of followers can generate more profit from multiple advertising engagements from him.

Quickly, and before the former goalkeeper again blamed his incongruous reflections on a possible hacking of his account, he received all kinds of responses and humorous comments from users of the social network.

Most have alluded to their “inability” to keep their account private, and joke about their possibly weak passwords.

I’m gay

The new blunder of the ex-husband of Sarah Carbonero It seems to be one more attempt to annul the one that sparked interest on his own in the little bird’s social network, when it occurred to him to joke with the statement: “I hope they respect me. I’m gay.”

His old partner in the Spanish team Carles Puyol He wanted to continue with the little joke and put another tweet in which he “acknowledged” that he was also gay.

To stop the immense controversy generated, whoever was one of the most respected soccer players in Spain tried to apologize to the LGBT community and posted an explanation that almost no one believed: “Account hacked. Luckily everything is in order. Apologies to all my followers. And of course, more apologies to the LGBT community.”

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The last tweet that the one from Móstoles has published is very similar to another that the popular posted a few hours before streamer River Llanos, who normally uses these types of expressions and they are part of his style. Talking about his masculine gonads was not, until now, the way in which Iker Casillas had us accustomed to becoming news.