Djokovic positive for COVID-19

He saw himself coming and this Tuesday was confirmed. Novak Djokovic tested positive for COVID-19. The Serb, initially reluctant to undergo the test, passed it after confirming the infections of Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki, three of the participants in the Adria Tour, the tennis tour organized by the world number one in the Balkans without precaution or sanitary measures. Djokovic's wife, Jelena, who accompanied him on the stages of Belgrade and Zadar, was also positiveNot so her children, Stefan and Tara. Also, Troicki's wife, the physio of Nole and Dimitrov's coach also contracted the disease.

Djokovic issued a statement: “As soon as we landed in Zadar, we underwent health checks. Both Jelena and I are positive at COVID-19, but not our children. Everything we did in the last month was with a pure heart and the most sincere intentions. The tournament was intended to become a symbol of unity for the Balkan region. Unfortunately the virus was still there, we must learn to live with this new situation. I feel the damage that we cause with the positives. I will isolate myself for two weeks and I will practice new tests in five days ”.

Djokovic's apologies came after receiving harsh criticism from some of his fellow professionals, such as dubber Bruno Soares, who called it “a horror show” What happened in the controversial Adria Tour, where social distance was not respected, the public crowded into the stands without protection and none of those involved used masks, in addition to exhibiting their carefreeness in the middle of the pandemic with hugs, kisses, meetings, tributes and parties. Furthermore, after his return to Serbia from Marbella, where he was confined, Djokovic participated in soccer and basketball games, and shared his inappropriate and incomprehensible euphoria at a time like this with friends, other Balkan athletes and even children.

Even Nick Kyrgios, known for his excesses and controversies, criticized the winner of 17 Grand Slams. “Prayers for all the players who have contracted the COVID-19. Don't tell me anything for what I've done irresponsible or qualified as stupidity, this takes the cake ”he wrote in Twitter. Dimitrov's agent, Georgui Stoimenov, acknowledged that “mistakes were made” on the Adria Tour and that “discipline was not maintained sufficiently.” “It is possible that some limits and rules were crossed.” In Haskovo, the Bulgarian's hometown, they trace the tennis player's contacts and in Zadar there is also concern.

Serbian leadership in doubt

Djokovic, who already said a year ago that he was considering ceasing to be the president of the ATP Players Council, could consider his resignation after the controversy and the consequences caused by his recklessness on the Adria Tour. At the same time, there are rumors that his colleagues will ask him to leave office. “He is the president and he has a completely different speech than he did at this event,” said Bruno Soares. This possibility is supported by the journalist from Sports Illustrated Jon Werthein. “I heard a player say that this discussion is already underway,” he wrote in Twitter. The Serbian mandate, punctuated by tension and controversy, began in 2016 after a first stage between 2008 and 2010. Now it is in danger.