Djokovic gets a new challenge after being chosen the 'best'

The Eurosport chain carried out a survey to comment on the best tennis player of all time in this era without sport due to the world health crisis. As expected, Federer, Djokovic and Nadal were among the best. The Spanish and the Swiss 'saw' each other's faces in the semifinals, with Federer's victory, while Djokovic left Sampras in the penultimate round. In the final, what was striking was the result in the Serbian triumph after almost a million votes: about 97% of the users chose him.

At present, Novak Djokovic is third on the list with the most Grand Slam titles at 17, after Nadal's 19 and a Federer's 20 that tops the list. “I am grateful and honored that almost a million people participated in the survey and that people look at me that way,” said world number one in Sport Klub. “On the other hand, I couldn't say anything more than that, it is a debate that has been going on for some time, especially between Federer, Nadal and me. That will probably continue for decades to come, until a better tennis player appears. “

But Djokovic focuses on records that he can get from his own hand without the need for people's votes.. He wants to be the one that occupies the top of the ATP ranking for the most week, and now he has ahead of Sampras and Roger himself. “I want to beat both Sampras and Federer. That is one of my biggest goals on that historical list, and try to win as many Grand Slam as possible.” The next appointment, theoretically, in a big one will be at the US Open in late August, although Djokovic believes that the conditions for playing are currently “impossible”.