Diego Schwartzman and the award for constancy

Diego schwartzman has fulfilled another dream by becoming the twelfth Argentine to sneak into the Top-10 of the ATP ranking. Before him, only legends such as Guillermo Vilas, David Nalbandian or Juan Martín del Potro. And this milestone is no coincidence: it is about an award for the work of many years. A sacrifice that, little by little, has been paying off for him until today, who is experiencing one of the best moments of his career.

What was achieved in the Masters 1000 in Rome it was just a warning to the rest: to Roland Garros we go with everything. It has gotten into the semifinals of a Grand slam for the first time in his career and has done so by leaving a match against Dominic Thiem that will be remembered for years. The merit was not only to overcome the current US Open champion and number 3 in the world, it is that he did it in a grueling duel that lasted more than five hours. An example of what his life has been: working non-stop until he achieves his goal, no matter how difficult the challenge may seem.

Since he was a child he did not have it easy. His height (1.70 centimeters) has always been a handicap, but not the only one. “I have had bigger problems than being 10 centimeters shorter than everyone else. I have many reasons why I would not have become a professional tennis player and none of them has to do with my height,” he commented in an interview for the ATP website .

His family was severely affected during the economic crisis that Argentina experienced in the 1990s. After a boom time, family businesses began to falter and the Schwartzman family was left with just enough to survive. “Because we didn't have a lot of money, starting to play tennis was more difficult. We did what we could to travel to tournaments. We even sold bracelets, we even competed in that to see who sold the most, “he adds.

That didn't stop Diego, who focused on trying his best to get to the top. As a teenager, despite his height, he still stood out. This earned him to form a team that began to help him in all aspects, including economic. His rise was not as fast as that of other tennis players, but more regular.

In 2014 it entered the Top-100 and has not been allowed to leave since. In 2017 the same thing happened, but entering the Top-30. A tennis player whose main virtues are consistency and confidence. Always improving and without falling into relaxation.

This has also earned him to become one of the most admired and, at the same time, most loved tennis players on the circuit. The rest of the players praise his ability to stand up to any opponent (despite the height). They also appreciate your good spirits and confidence on the court. He has a special charisma.

Against Rafel Nadal will have another chance to shine before the tennis planet. Although he is not a rival who is particularly good at it, was able to defeat him in his last duel in Rome. Whatever happens, Schwartzman won't make it easy. And if it falls, it will get back up stronger.