Diego Martínez will continue with his formula of rotations

The marathon of matches arrives to finish LaLiga Santander. Two high-tension meetings per week to try, first to ensure permanence and then, why not, to dream of what seemed impossible: Europe. For this, Diego Martínez will maintain the formula that has given him so good results this season: rotations. Granada reached the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and during the week, the Nasrid players had to squeeze the most to compete one hundred percent in both competitions. The coach meditates maintaining this formula at the restart of the competition.

Granada is the team that has rotated the most in the First Division. All his players have had minutes either in the domestic tournament or in the KO tournament. In the league, all but Antonñín, who arrived after the winter market closed and could only be called twice, and the injured Neyder Lozano, who could not play any game when falling in the preseason, had some minutes. In fact, no player has started every game and up to thirteen players exceed a thousand minutes in the regular tournament. Rui Silva, Duarte, Puertas and Machís have participated in the most matches, with 26, although only the goalkeeper and the central defender have started in all of them. Both are the players with the most minutes in the team's league (2,340 goal and 2,291 defense). Captain Víctor Díaz is the other player that exceeds two thousand minutes (2,177) but spread over 25 games. Doors, Soldier, Yangel, Carlos Neva, Gonalons, Machís, Carlos Fernández, Vadillo and Martínez exceed one thousand minutes. At the other extreme, Alex Martínez (who has had many physical problems) and Gil Dias, who arrived at the winter market, do not reach the 90 minutes that Aarón, the second goalkeeper, does, and surpasses Vallejo and Koybasi.

In the Cup, six players exceed 500 minutes: Puertas, Aarón, Germán, Carlos Fernández, Foulquier and Gonalons. Less used players in the League such as Álex Martínez (450 minutes), Azeez (352) or Vallejo (254) have been important in the KO tournament where many of the youth players have had minutes: Pepe, Mario, Aranda, Isma Ruiz and Antonio Montoro . In Copa, Antoñín enjoyed five minutes against Athletic, the same as Fede Vico, who has spent much of the season in the dry dock. It is also striking that the two players with the most minutes in LaLiga, Rui Silva and Duarte, have only participated in three of the seven cup duels. Eteki and Puertas are the only ones who have played all the Cup matches.