Diego Martínez: “We don't look at the classification”

Diego Martínez, Granada coach, stood out after the zero draw achieved by his team against the Leganés in Butarque the good campaign that they are carrying out to date.

“We dream of winning the next one. It is a success to have 43 points right now, we are fighting to get the next three points and we do not look at the classification. We have to be excited about winning the next one and when the year ends we will see how many points we have, ”he declared.

“We are a chameleon teamWe have played many different types of matches. Maybe we don't have a ten in any facet but we are competent in all of them. If you have to do a work match, we do it without excuses, without fault. If they let us play more, like Villarreal day, we try. If we have to play more on the counterattack, we do it ”, he said of his own.

On the clash, he commented: “We knew the type of match we were going to meet, a match against a rival who was risking his life and he was doing things well. A game of great intensity. It was important to be very vigilant, to make few mistakes ”.

“I like the first part a little more. We managed to get outside two or three times, generating situations of two against one. In the second part we were not able to do it, the party rushed, they picked up a lot of people and we were very imprecise. I think that lack of pause in the last third it has prevented the team from taking a little more coffee, ”he said.

His people saw how he Leganés missed a penalty: “It seemed like a great stop by Rui Silva And I want to congratulate Vallejo because he has experienced rejection in a wonderful way. These are small details that allow points to be awarded to a team at the end of the year. Thanks to that action, we probably have one more point. ”

Asked about the option that the archer go with the portuguese team, He pointed out: “I think that we should not give much importance to that, things fall under their own weight. He is working very well and I'm glad you say that because when we arrived he was the reserve goalkeeper ”.

“It has a fantastic growth and evolution margin. It is a reflection of what this is Pomegranate, where we come from, how much we have grown, the effort that has cost us and that we believe in what we do. Rui represents him and I am very happy for him because he deserves it, “he added.

He also referred to Antoñín's debut as a starter: “That speaks to what we are, a team that tries to train and develop the players, that little by little add minutes and that we all grow. We need everyone and more in difficult and very intense matches like this. ”