Devastating report against Albert of Monaco: the 15 million euros that Charlene spent and the prince's secret payments

Rampant and uncontrolled waste in Monaco. These are the enormous expenses of the Grimaldis collected in five notebooks by the former accountant of Prince Albert II, Claude Palmero, who worked for 20 years at the service of the house of the Principality. The one that attracts the most attention: the amount of 15 million euros that Charlene disbursed over eight years. This devastating economic report is published The worldthe newspaper that has had access to Palmero's notebooks.

The princess's figures attract a lot of attention. From the 77,000 euros in cash that she received in 2016 to her salary of 1.5 million euros in 2023, according to the French newspaper. “Be careful not to increase salaries too much in periods of crisis,” noted the former manager. Her notebooks are full of details, such as Charlene's catamaran or the redecoration that she organized in her office for which she paid an exorbitant bill of one million euros. In the investigation of The world It is also noted that the Palace of Monaco employed irregular workers as caregivers with expired tourist visas.

Alberto: 900,000 euros for his brother-in-law

Alberto's generosity also extended to his brother-in-law, Sean. The swimmer's brother, with whom he runs an NGO, would have received more than 900,000 euros in 2022 from his royal brother-in-law to buy a property, the French newspaper reports. More information that Palmero provides: Former stewardess Nicole Coste, former lover of Albert of Monaco and mother of his son Alexandre, received 350,000 euros to set up a boutique in London. Another of her daughters, Jazmin Grace (30), daughter of Tamara Rotolo, received about 80,000 euros every three months. The former accountant has revealed that the items that were diverted to one of Alberto's ex-lovers were “secret payments” through a separate bank account. The prince had Alexandre and Jazmin Grace before marrying Charlene, with whom he has twins Jacques and Gabriella (9 years old).

There are also properties. The former Grimaldi manager had several apartments in luxurious areas of France, where Alberto's nephews lived. The prince, as he points out The country, did not want to provide a response or explanation for these expenses. Palmero, after 20 years as an accountant in the palace, retired but not before clarifying that for two years he had been denouncing this situation of irregularity, of “corruption,” he stressed.

Returning to Charlene and her purchases, her penchant for luxury is well known. As an example of Alberto's wife's expenses, she budgeted for her wardrobe. Charlene, once again, tops the ranking of the royals who spent the most on clothes in the last yearaccording to publication UFO no more. The South African, with 155 pieces released in 2023, reaches 371.000 euros, with an estimated average price per garment of approximately 2,900. He occupies first place out of 19 royals.