Desperate campaign to “launder” Luis Rubiales: his mother, his cousins ​​and even his great-aunt show their faces while he hides

The controversy continues over the kiss of Luis Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso during the celebration of the Soccer World Cup in Australia. After the embarrassing press conference in which the president of the RFEF refused to resign due to his conduct, the protagonist has taken to his heels and has taken refuge in Motril, where his neighbors and relatives have taken to the streets this Monday. “He doesn’t deserve it,” they say.

The former soccer player’s cousin was the first to speak before the cameras after Rubiales’ mother announced a hunger strike from the town church, where she has locked herself up tight with permission from the parish priest. “His mother is crying all day, without eating and sleeping. The harassment and demolition that Luis is suffering is not fair”Vanessa said. “We are suffering a lot, he has been judged before his time and the videos and audios speak for themselves.”

The woman addresses Jenni Hermoso directly: “We want her to tell the truth, she has changed her statement three times. If she really felt harassed, she would have gone where she had to go from the first moment”. Vanessa assures that they have had to leave their homes due to the harassment they suffer. “It’s not fair. Luis is a very good person, he is very noble and he has a big heart. Now we don’t know where he is, he doesn’t pick up the phone.”

Dozens of residents have moved to the church of the Divina Pastora in Motril to express their support for Rubiales and his mother, entrenched in the church. “I feel disgusted by what they have done to him, we are losing the north”said a family friend. Dolores Maldonado, Rubiales’ great-aunt, added: “They are stoning him and he doesn’t deserve it. A kiss is not a big deal.”