Deportivo does not attend the reception at the A Coruña City Hall because it does not consider the relationships “ideal”

The local government sees a “unilateral decision” by Abanca for “economic interests” and the club reproaches “lack of collaboration”


Deportivo will not attend the reception for the players at the A Coruña City Hall, announced for this Monday after their promotion, as they do not consider, they argue, the relations with the council to be “ideal” due to the discrepancies regarding the transfer of the Riazor Stadium . The local government, for its part, links it to a “unilateral decision of the property,” Abanca, based on “economic interests.”

The council “deeply regrets” the decision to “prevent the players of the Real Club Deportivo and the coaching staff from being received in the home of all the people of A Coruña to celebrate their promotion to the second division, as was done with the Dépor women’s players”.

“Beyond the club’s ownership, Dépor belongs to all the people of A Coruña and they deserve to be able to congratulate the team in the Plaza de María Pita as has always been done on great occasions in the club’s history.”

“Depor knows that it counts and that it always had the full support of the City Council,” indicates the local government, which considers it “intolerable” that “athletes are prevented from enjoying the reception they deserve due to economic interests that have nothing to do with sport.” “.

“Within the negotiation of the agreement, the will of the City Council continues to be the free transfer of the municipal stadium for 25 years (as until now) so that Dépor can develop its sporting activity and compete at the highest level.”

“But unfortunately and for the first time, the company that owns the club, Abanca, demands from the City Council the total and free delivery of a public good for its exclusive economic and commercial exploitation beyond the sporting field, forgetting that the stadium belongs to everyone.” The City Council regrets “that the ownership of the club clouds a moment of special joy for the city due to its economic interests that have nothing to do with sport.”


For its part, the club confirms that at this time “any institutional visit is suspended pending the solution of all requests made in the last three years,” it points out in relation to its request to extend the agreement on the use of the stadium. . “This agreement is essential to guarantee the future of the club in the silver category of Spanish football.”

“The League requires a certificate of use and enjoyment of the stadium that must be issued by the City Council for the 24/25 season. Furthermore, the long-term non-availability of the stadium puts the club in a situation of precariousness and uncertainty,” he argues in a statement. .

In it, he assures that “not having an agreement with the city council also represents a financial problem for Dépor, since all the necessary investments in improvement and modernization of the field must be amortized in 15 months and not in several years, as would happen with an agreement “.

“For two seasons now, the City Council has not collaborated commercially with Deportivo to promote and promote tourism in the city of A Coruña, although the club is willing to collaborate, as happens recurrently, with Xunta de Galicia and Diputación de A Coruña” .

He also states that since January there has been a draft in the council, “where Dépor has agreed to all the requests made by the city council, including lease payments that have never been made before in the club’s history” and adds that on the part of the government local signature has not been executed.

On the other hand, it indicates that the fans will be able to enjoy new celebrations on May 25 after the last match of the regular season against Real Unión. To do this, the club will process “the appropriate permits in Cuatro Caminos and in another Fan Zone type space in María Pita or another location permitted by the local government.”

In relation to this issue, the municipal group of the PP questions, in turn, that “on a day so long awaited by all the people of A Coruña” the aforementioned reception does not take place, which it links to the “lack of dialogue” of the mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey. “There have been three years of entrenched negotiations for a new agreement, despite the club’s attempts to unblock the situation and reach an agreement at the current times.”