Dembel says goodbye to the rest of the season



The forward of the Bara suffers a rupture of the proximal tendon of the biceps femoris of the right leg / In his first year with the Bara he was three and a half months off due to a similar injury in the left leg

Ousmane Dembel, in a match played in November

Ousmane Dembl may have already said goodbye to the remainder of the season. The French striker, as Bara has announced through a statement, suffers a rupture of the proximal tendon of the femoral bceps of the right leg. A very similar ailment to the one he suffered in his first season as a Barca player and that forced him to go through the operating room and to remain for about three and a half months.

This new lesion of the French is a whole blow for a Quique Setin who was absolutely convinced that Dembl was going to become the winter reinforcement of the Barça attack. Above all, after the club finally ruled out the arrival of a nine who could take over from the injured Luis Surez at the point of attack and decided to part with Carles Prez, Abel Ruiz or Alejandro Marqus. In total, three options of La Masia that can fill gaps in the attack and that ended up packing in the past month of January.

The Barça club's options to incorporate a player that can underpin its battered attack right now are very scarce. Although Dembl's illness does not seem to exceed five months of discharge, one of the requirements to be able to discharge the federation, Bara has enough free chips in the first team as to consider the arrival of a reinforcement. Although, yes, some conditions must be met in principle: the player to be hired must be registered in Spain or be without a team. Two requirements that greatly restrict the options of the entity presided by Josep Maria Bartomeu when it comes to strengthening a workforce that, right now, with the injury of the French, to which those of Luis Surez, Neto and Arturo Vidal, will be added, It will only have 14 players from the first team.

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