Del Bosque plays Diana

Defeat against Switzerland caused a sea of ​​doubts in the Selection. But it was the coach, Forest, who was in charge of honking the troops. It sent clear signs of confidence. There was evidence that he did not intend to revolutionize the system or the equipment. Del Bosque himself made it clear: “I believe in the group and in the system.” The Salamanca coach analyzed the debut match against the Helvetians and concluded that “the only thing we lacked was a bit of luck. We shot 25 times on goal …”. In possession, successful passes, dribbles, centers to the area, corners, plays in the rival area, plays with a shot in that area and passes in depth, Spain was the best in the World Cup debut. Furthermore, lThe National Team made the play with the most consecutive passes of the tournament, 32, which means that it does not abandon its essence, the tiqui-taca. But still, the national team lost the game. Del Bosque attributed it to the lack of freshness in attack, the need to face some situations with overflow and the fact that, before defenses such as the Swiss it is necessary to face, dribble and shoot first, without giving the rival time.

From all this it was deduced that, if it had to put some remedy before Honduras, It would be on the offensive line, where he demanded more speed, more depth, more individual courage and more auction. Indeed, the facts were to be confirmed when the second match arrived. Silva was a substitute. That was a stick for the canary, who felt singled out. But it was not so. Beyond the displeasure at not seeing Honduras, Silva ended up being a vital player in the World Cup in South Africa.

That horn from Del Bosque woke up the group, which reaffirmed itself in their system. “We are not going to give up the tiqui-taca,” he said. Fernando Torres. Xavi, the guardian of the style, went further: “This is not the time to change costumes, and in addition, none suits us as well as ours,” he explained, referring to the need to maintain the idea. From the second game the debate on the double pivot ended, one of the criticisms that most affected Del Bosque, who insisted on the couple that Busquets and Xabi Alonso formed. The Spain of Luis Aragones came from being champion of Europe in 2008 with Marcos Senna as a 'hanger', and the presence in the South Africa World Cup of two half centers was taken as a resignation to the offensive mood of the team. But the one who was right was Del Bosque, who ran the engines. “Many times we find ourselves with ten opponents behind the ball, but we still know how to open that bolt,” said Xabi Alonso.

In reality, what the National Team missed was a goal. And Vicente's breath to his vuvuzela reached town, who from the second match became the reference of Spain and began to score goals as if there were no tomorrow.