Deco: “Without work this doesn’t work, you don’t achieve success by chance”

“The transition of the winning Barça was not done well and that is why we have gone so long without winning”


The new sports director of FC Barcelona, ​​Deco, promised hard work from both himself and the sports organization chart that depends on him to reach the club’s objectives, which include winning titles, and added that without perseverance and work “you cannot reach the success”.

“The structure on paper is very nice but what matters is the work. And if we are not attentive to the work and the day to day, this is not going to work. Because success is not achieved by chance,” he said at a conference. press during its presentation and that of the sports organization chart.

Deco believes that important things have been done lately by the club. “The staff has done wonders – due to injuries and a short staff – and they have never complained, they have never complained or raised their arms. We need work, respect for each other and knowing that in difficulties we will be ready to work. We have to talk little and work a lot,” he summarized.

For all these reasons, the objectives set are ambitious. “At Barça the objective is always to win. I hope that, within what we have done, we have tried to have a balanced and competitive, organized squad, with the always objective of winning because there is no other,” he highlighted.

And he wants to achieve those successes through good football. “If I didn’t play like Barça, I wouldn’t have dreamed of playing for Barça. My desire and my style is to win, it’s to play well, with quality and possession, but with the philosophy of winning and winning by playing well,” he added.

With this premise, Deco presents himself again in Barcelona, ​​after being a prominent player between 2004 and 2008. “Being here gives you goosebumps. When I was little I dreamed of playing for Barça and I didn’t imagine I would achieve it but I worked for it. Coming back here is not “It was an easy decision because I am leaving behind things that I have created, like a solid company in which I left employees. But I could make this decision, this was the moment, and being at Barça again is a very big responsibility and I know it.” He commented on the reason for his arrival.

“I also know that it is an exciting project. We were always in contact with president Laporta, since he won. Sometimes he listened to me, other times he didn’t. But when he opted for Xavi I agreed, because I saw him as a coach when I was a player. “Xavi gives us time to build a team, due to his character and way of thinking,” he added.

In addition, he praised the current moment of the club. “Since Laporta became president there have been moments of not stopping, of not having time for anything. Now we are in a different moment, with a competitive squad. It is nice to see that we have managed to be again where the club deserves to be. It is I am proud to be here, I like to work and that is why I accepted this challenge,” he reiterated.

He did not forget to thank Jordi Cruyff and Mateu Alemany for their work. Furthermore, he claimed to have learned from Alemany (his predecessor). “In recent months, with Jordi and Mateu, I have worked well because they are football people. With Mateu we have learned a lot from each other, he is a professional for whom I have enormous respect for his way of helping the club. He has taken the decision to follow his path and the club had to give a response, and that is why I am here,” he explained.

On a personal level, he said he was “happy.” “In recent months we have made progress with important things such as training. The club brings in football people, excited about the project and who want to add, like Bojan or Rafa Márquez. Progress is being made to have stability, we have a balanced and competitive squad” , celebrated.

“This year there has been a balance in the squad, a fair balance to have a competitive squad, what the coach wanted. In addition, the salary bill has been reduced considerably. It is not easy to release Busquets, Piqué or Jordi Alba, who are history of the club. But my feeling is that it is going in the right direction”, he contributed in this sense, about the work done in the summer market.

Of course, to reach the goal of the titles he also asked for time to work and leave the stage before Joan Laporta’s arrival to the presidency completely behind him. “Barça has been a winning team, it has had for me the best years after my departure and ‘Ronnie’ with the Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, ‘Busi’…. It marked an era. At the club level the transitions are difficult and if you don’t do them well it takes longer to recover. Teams are not eternal, Xavi and I would like to continue playing. From the outside I think that the transitions were not done well and that is why we have gone so long without winning,” he said.


Deco leads, as director of the football area, the new sports organization chart whose main novelty is former footballer Bojan Krkic, who will act as coordinator of the football area and will be aware of the players on loan and those sold with a buyback option, in addition to Coordinate with Xavi and the rest of the technicians.

“Bojan is more than a coordinator of the football area. He is a player for La Masia, which he knows. And we know that for players who come up, it is not something calm. Bojan was a precocious star and he has enjoyed and suffered. Many people They love him here and he can contribute a lot. He will help us with the Masia and in the monitoring of quality young players, who will have to be cared for so that they have peace of mind,” Deco assessed.

“The market is aggressive, there are clubs with economic potential that pay absurd transfers. We have made necessary additions. Players who did not count for the coach leave with a buyback option, and Bojan will be attentive to them. Xavi has already asked him about them” , he added.