Decathlon invites the repurchase of sports equipment to extend its useful life


The sports equipment distribution company Decathlon offers its customers the possibility of extending the useful life of their products through the repurchase of sports equipment in good condition, regardless of the brand, in its commitment to a business model with less Impact on the environment.

To do this, the customer only has to register their product on the website and fill out a questionnaire with which they will obtain an estimate of the buyback price to physically take it to their nearest store.

You can also carry out the entire procedure directly at your usual establishment, where specialist technical teams will review the product and deliver the amount, immediately, using a Decathlon gift card.

Among the products most purchased from customers by the company are bicycles, fitness machines, scooters, paddle tennis rackets and tents.

Specifically, the purchase of children’s bicycles represents more than half of the total figure in this type of transaction, since boys and girls between 3 and 6 years old grow, on average, six centimeters per year. In this way, bicycles tend to become obsolete more quickly than other types of products.

In the last decade, the number of people who buy or sell second-hand items has not stopped growing. In fact, according to the study ‘La Red del Cambio’, prepared by Wallapop together with Kantar, currently 71 percent of Spaniards expect to buy more reused products than new ones in the next three years.

Along these lines, Decathlon has multiplied buybacks by five compared to the same period of the previous year, which reflects a change in consumer behavior.

“If companies want to continue growing sustainably over time, we must stop believing that the planet is an infinite and inexhaustible store of resources. We must conceive the circular economy as a challenge and as a great opportunity for everyone: for the planet, for customers and for companies”, stated the director of Circular Economy of Decathlon Spain, Adrián Hervella.

One of the great challenges for Decathlon is to evolve towards regenerative growth, with the economy of use – with its purchase and sale, repair and maintenance services, as well as the rental of products – being one of its great bets by promoting a business model with a lower impact on the environment.