De Tomás explains his famous “you're bothering me, brother” with Calleri

Pomegranate Y Spanish clashed in the New
Carmen is last February, in a meeting of which very few will remember the final score. What remained on the retina of many fans was a dispute at the time of taking a penalty that the parrots had Raul
Thomas Y Jonathan
Calleri, current player of Osasuna.

A maximum penalty committed on RDT, that from the beginning it was clear that the pitcher was going to be him. After a first discrepancy with Adrian Embarba, it was Calleri who approached the Madrid striker to tell him to let him shoot the penalty.

Thomas, who finally scored the maximum penalty, caught the ball and tried to scare away the Argentine in the first instance: “It's my turn, the next one is up to you,” he said. At the insistence of Calleri, RDT He threw him a phrase that became famous through social networks after being captured by ‘He
Then’From Movistar +:“ Jony, go. You are bothering me brother ”.

Eight months later, the forward of the Spanish He explained his now famous appointment in a relaxed personal test carried out by the communication team of the Catalan club: “Have we bothered you, brother?” They asked him to finish the test.

“Jony Calleri has bothered me,” he said. Of
Thomas laughing: “I want to say that the problem there was something that became very big. I have a very good friendship with Jony, he is a very good uncle and it was really something that got dirty but I must say here in public that people know the relationship that the relationship we have with Jony is very good. He is a great player and a great person ”, he concluded.