De Laurentiis attacks Ancelotti and Sarri: “He betrayed me”

Aurelio De Laurentiis always speaks clearly. Like it or not, the president of Napoli expresses himself openly, although this ends up making more than one person uncomfortable. The last to 'receive' were the last two coaches the Italian team has had, Carlo Ancelotti and Maurizio Sarri.

In an interview at Corriere dello Sport, De Laurentiis starts to warm up for the Coppa final against Juventus and does not hesitate to shoot Sarri, the current 'bianconero' coach.

The president ‘azzurro’ maintains that Sarri “betrayed” him to force his departure from the club. “He angered me with the vulgar excuse of money, he forced me to look for another coach and he had two years left on his contract. In February 2018 he invited me to eat at his house in Tuscany, he never spoke of leaving. It took me until the day before the last game without saying anything, creating uncertainty. ”

De Ancellotti, substitute for Sarri in Naples, De Laurentiis assures that he should have kicked him out at the end of the first season. “I don't know if signing him was the right thing. After the first season I had to tell him ‘Carlo, for me you are not suitable for the type of football they want in Naples, we keep our great friendship, football here is something else. Better finish. ’ And instead, I was wrong again. ”

From the criticism of his last two coaches, De Laurentiis goes on to praise the current tenant of the inqu azzurro ’bench, Genaro‘ Rino ’Gattuso. “I asked him to return to Sarri's 4-3-3, knowing that that would have cost three or four losses in a row. Rino lost less. Carlo was an ambassador, Rino is a warrior. “

The president of Náoles assures that he will try the renewal of Gattuso this summer. “If we will do well in the Cup and Champions, recovering some position in Serie A, we will see each other in Capri in August to extend his contract three, four more years.”