De la Fuente: “We have matured a lot, but we have to continue growing to be a great team”


The Spanish men's soccer coach, Luis de la Fuente, is clear that his pupils have “matured a lot” throughout 2023, but admits that they will still have to “continue growing to be a great team” in their goal of fighting for the title of the next Euro Cup, which will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

“I think we have matured a lot, that we have already given a feeling of being an important team, but we have to continue growing to be that great team that we are going to need for when the big events come, like the next Euro Cup. We need to continue growing to be a great team and have options to compete for the maximum,” he said in a video released this Monday by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

“It is a year to be happy and very satisfied. I am proud of what has been offered, not only for achieving the Nations League title and qualifying for the European Championship, but for the path and the way in which we have traveled that I think that is what should make us feel most proud, that way of achieving it,” De la Fuente declared to the RFEF.

In this sense, the 'Red' coach highlighted “the joy” of having won the last Nations League. “Above all, to see happy people. I really enjoyed seeing happy people, not just those of us who were working and the professionals who had experienced that first-hand and in the proximity of the competition,” he said in this regard.

“But for many people who had moved, family, friends, fans who we didn't know at all, and many people in Spain who were happy again to regain their hope, to believe in a team that I think has arguments to win in the something important in the future,” De la Fuente predicted, alluding to the upcoming Euro Cup.

“We are very happy to generate that expectation, to generate enthusiasm, to make people excited again. We are delighted and proud that this is the case. Now, let us also be humble to know that we must continue to improve in this,” he warned in Your message.

“Every day we have to give a little more of ourselves, demand a little more from ourselves and be able to live up to the great demands that this Euro Cup is going to be because we are going to be the best teams in Europe, in the world, and give everything we can give,” the coach insisted.

“Then it will be won or it will not be won, because sometimes those are details that are uncontrollable; but in what we can control, rest assured that we are going to do it,” De la Fuente concluded in his interview with the RFEF.